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Born in Amsterdam NL, I enjoy travelling and I would like to travel all around the world to do my work! I am very inquisitive and will strive to reach the top, by doing my very best and by being a hard-working, honest acquisition for each mediums company that wants to give me that chance to improve their media content in the future. One picture is worth a thousand words, however video is worth thousands of words. In this 21st century video will take over the world I believe. My goal is to trasform the minds of individuals, companies and institutions that use text and pictures instead of video. My aim is to improve turnover and profits with video content. Why? For the reason that video sells!  

An analysis of my competences and developments teaches me that I am social, creatively minded and who takes initiative. Positive competition within a creative business is motivation for me and really encourages me to excel in a group. I have good communicative skills and maintain good relationships with colleagues, managers, customers and students. At the moment I stand on the pavement of my career, by starting up my own production company.  


MvBMy View of the BusinessRésuméContact Me